Can You Imagine What It Would Be Like To Run Out Goals

Back in September I attended what was being called a “Come As You Are” party. It was part of an event where I was helping out.

At this “come as you are” party everyone was asked to dress up like it was 5 years in the future and you are living as if all of your goals have come true. You are instructed to speak in the present tense as if it’s 2017 and you are just catching up with a bunch of old friends sharing all that has happened to you in the last 5 years.

It was a lot of fun!

Everyone dressed the part. People carried copies of books they had written, brandished awards they had won, and shared scrapbooks from trips they had taken around the world.

I had a real problem getting ready for the party.

Not that I wasn’t willing to play along. I love events like this, I just had a hard time figuring out what a perfect life would look like five years from now.

This was really an interesting moment for me. Normally I have a long list of dreams and goals.

Dreams are not usually something I have a shortage of!

My problem was that I had achieved most of my goals.

That Doesn’t Sound Like A Problem
I know it’s weird to complain about achieving all your goals.

And it really wasn’t a complaint; I was thrilled beyond words. But I was caught off guard. I had never been in a place in my life where I had achieved so much.

I was in the best shape I had been in more than a decade (and people were commenting on how good I looked).

My business was thriving.

I was more comfortable in my own skin than any point in my life.

Let’s be clear…life was far from perfect, but almost all my goals were crossed off my list as accomplished.

I was stunned. I decided that I needed to figure out what was going on…

What Made The Difference?
Once I realized I had accomplished almost everything on my goal list I tried to figure out what had been different about the last year. I had written goals before and regularly failed at achieving them.

I had tapped for issues before, but hadn’t seemed to vault me forward with the same speed.

Upon reflection I realized that I had done three things differently that past year that had led to my success. Two of these things I had done before. It was doing these two things in combination with a third that made all the difference.

Number 1: I created a clear list of goals that stated what I wanted and why I wanted to achieve the goals. I revisited the goal list once a week to remind myself of what I wanted.

Number 2: I tapped almost every day.

Number 3: I decided that tapping every day was the most important thing in my day.

Like I said, I had done 1 and 2 before. What was different this time was the fact I was taking my daily tapping seriously.

As Merlin Mann once posted on Twitter, “You eventually learn that true priorities are like arms; if you think you have more than a couple, you’re either lying or crazy.”

Until about a year ago my problem was I had too many priorities. When everything is a priority nothing gets done, or everything is only half done (which in some ways is worse).

I knew from my own journey that tapping is such a powerful tool. If I took the time to tap daily the effects would ripple through every part of my life.

By making tapping the most important thing I was doing every day I was NOT saying that I would tap 19 times a day, or that I’d do it for 90 minutes every time I sat down.

By making tapping a priority I was saying that I wouldn’t let a day pass without tapping. I knew that if I took 5 to 10 minutes every day to look at what I needed to work on and tapped for it I would be in a better mood, I would make better choices, and I would get stuff done.

The next thing I knew I ran out of goals.

I’m Going To Do It Again….AND I Want You To Join Me
It worked so well the first time that I have decided to do it again and I want you to reap the benefit of tapping along with me so that you can have the same results in your own life.
To help you with this I have created “My EFT Year”, a step-by-step program to ensure you get the most out of your tapping.

As part of My EFT Year you will receive:

  • Easy-to-use tapping tools
  • Instruction on how best to use these new tools
  • Real world examples of tapping for issues
  • Tapping scripts and audios based on tapping for real issues
  • Guidance on how to connect tapping to your daily experience with purpose
  • Instruction on how to ensure you have a clear goal every time you sit down to tap so you don’t become lost
  • Direction on how to use tapping to move you toward your goals, not just to make you feel better
  • The opportunity to have your questions answered

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed
As exciting as all of those benefits sound I know that it can also feel daunting because you know how much tapping you have to do and all of that feels like too much all at once.

That is because it is too much at once!

We will not do all of this in one round of tapping, or one tapping session. The trick to making long-term changes with tapping is by doing a little bit every day that then adds up to something really big.

To help you I have broken this down into simple, consumable steps. Most days you will need to spend less than 10 minutes tapping AND each time you sit down to tap I will have all the steps laid out for you so it is very straightforward.

It will look like this…

You will receive:

Weekly Tools: Every Monday I will teach you a new tapping tool that you will be able to use throughout the week. This will be something that will take less than 5 minutes to do and when done daily will quickly move you towards your goals. This will ensure you have a plan every time you sit down to tap. Giving you a new, simple tool each week will prevent your tapping from becoming stale.
Tap-Along With My Personal Tapping: Every Wednesday and Friday you will receive a recording of my personal tapping. Often when practitioners create tapping audios and tapping scripts they are “guessing” at what will be the best phrases. This will be my real tapping sessions as I tap for these issues in my life.
Spiritual Tapping: Every Sunday you will receive a tap-along that is of a more soulful/spiritual nature. These tap-alongs will be about becoming who we are called to be on a deeper level.
Monthly Teaching Call: Every month there will be a one hour teaching teleclass where I will share with you more sophisticated tapping tools to take your tapping to the next level. You will get a chance to tap with me with your issues on these calls. (These calls will be recorded so you will have access to them even if you aren’t on the live call, and you can listen to them again whenever you like.)
Monthly You Pick The Topic Call: Every month we will do a call where you will choose the topics and the issues. Do you have an issue you want to tap on? Do you have a question you need answered about tapping? We will cover it all. (These calls will also be recorded.)

Just Tapping Isn’t Enough – Setting You Up For Success
In my own life I have found that creating a daily tapping practice is a powerful tool to create change, but it needs to be more than just tapping for the sake of tapping. When we have a clear plan of what we are shooting for it will craft the way we tap and move it toward working on the issues that really need to be addressed.

To help you get started the moment you sign up you will have access to three bonuses:

Check This Out - Hand Drawn Maroon
Bonus #1: What I Choose For Today
This is a short tap-along audio that will help you to get your day off on the right foot. It will help you to clear your mind and give your focus to the tasks at hand. If I only have a few moments to tap in the morning and I don’t know what to tap on or can’t seem to get focused, this is the tool I choose. (Audio and tapping script)
Bonus #2: How I Create Goals
The best way to use a regular tapping practice is to have a clear idea of what you want. In addition to you being able to see my goal list, I will teach you exactly how I write my goals. Writing useful goals is more just naming what you want. I will teach you the specific way that I define my goals that will improve your chance of success. Each month we will use these goals to track progress and we will continually tweak them because as you move forward your goals will grow and change. (Audio and worksheet)
Bonus #3: How To Make The Choices We Love
One of the biggest factors in our ability to make good choices in the moment is our ability to be mentally and emotionally clear. In the last year I had a personal breakthrough in understanding all the factors that impact us at the moment of the decision that prevent us from making a good choice. In this video I will teach you how the things from our past, present, and future impact our ability to make mentally and emotionally clear choices. When you understand this simple concept it will dramatically impact the way you tap. (Video)

Extra Discounts
In addition to the monthly content and the three bonuses you will receive special monthly discounts @ Every month there will be one specially discounted item (at 40% off the regular price) and you will always receive 20% off everything instore INCLUDING one-on-one sessions.

Or You Could Work With Me One-On-One
To work with me one-on-one for an hour costs $140. With My EFT Year you will receive over 5 hours of audios and calls a month for only $19.

That’s right! Access to all of this costs only $19/month.

Deeper Discount
You can receive even deeper discounts if you sign up for six months or a year.

You can receive access for six months for only $99, which is like getting one month free.

OR you can get a full year for $179, which is like getting three months free.

Not Sure If This Is Right For You?
I want to give you chance to try this out. I have set up a special 3 day trial for only $1.

This way you can see what it is all about. You will have access to the first week of audios as well all 3 bonuses.

If it’s not right for you, you can cancel and you will get to keep the 3 bonuses as my gift to you for trying it out.

But That’s Not All
Exclamation Point - Hand Drawn RedFor the first 50 people who sign up for My EFT Year I will create a personalized audio on the topic of your choice AND I will make these audios available to everyone who joins. This means in the first three months you will receive 50 extra tap-along audios.

Don’t Miss Out On This Special Pricing
This is a special introductory offer. After February 1st the monthly price will go up. By signing up now you will be locking in the introductory price of My EFT Year for the entire length of your participation. Your price will never increase!

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1 Month
  • Get access to The Ruach Center for 3 days for $1 then pay $19/month.

$1 for 3 days of access. $19 a month with recurring billing.

6 Month
  • Get access to The Ruach Center for $16.50/month

One time payment of $99 for 6 months of access with non-recurring billing.

1 Year
  • This is the best deal! Get access to The Ruach Center for $14.90/month

One time payment of $179 for 1 year of access with non-recurring billing.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Make 2013 your best year yet!

PS: Imagine what it would be like to have personal guidance with your tapping. Knowing that every time you sit down to tap you will have a plan and the knowledge that you will be successful.

PPS: Still not sure? You can try out the program for $1 for three days. If you don’t like it you can cancel, never be charged another thing, and you will keep the three bonuses.